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Druguse – Hood Rich Life (ACDRUGS12x1)

01.14.15 Posted in Blog, Releases by

Los Angeles meets Chicago on this infectious, energetic 12. 6 tracks from a mysterious producer going by the name of Druguse inspired by juke and footwork sounds. A more drugged out Cali sun drenched hazier version of the Chicago sound, but theres barely time to catch your breath for that bong hit as this 12 baits along with the same frenetic pace and energy of its the Mid West inspirations. All anchored by vocal hooks, theres a strong hip hop feel to this quirky and original 12.


  1. Hood Rich Life Listen Now
  2. Elevate Listen Now
  3. ITS Listen Now
  4. Hater Hymn Listen Now
  5. Twenty Two Listen Now
  6. LA-VA-NY-TO Listen Now


The Cyclist – Flourish (ACCYCLPx1)

10.23.14 Posted in Blog, Releases by

Second time out on the label – this time as the Cyclist – the Derry producer who also records as Buz Ludzha returns with a 7 track LP of pure pedal power building on 2013s Bones in Motion foundations.

A more accomplished sound than his previous LP, it will certainly reward repeated listening. From the tribal sounds of Ripples Through Ice to the proto hardcore sound of Tape Grunge Rave through his signature Tape Throb sound of Daisy Spirals before rounding it out with the uplifting vibes of the title track- Flourish, its Lo-fi but not cheap, D.I.Y but not primitive, dance-y but not club-y, 4-4 but not straight.

Its unconventional unmixability makes us delighted to release this record which may fit into a lot of genres but doesnt fully belong in any.


  1. Ripples Trough Ice Listen Now
  2. Breathless Listen Now
  3. Sand Dunes Listen Now
  4. Break Through Listen Now
  5. Daisy Spirals Listen Now
  6. Flourish Listen Now
  7. Tape Grunge Rave Listen Now

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