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Druguse -Hood Rich Life (Music Video)

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Fantastic Video by Donovan Delaney of One Mile Studio..Animated 3D Blockheads killing it..

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Herva – HTMYO (ACH12x1)

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ACH12x1_Herva_300Refreshingly original 6 track 12 from Italian producer Herva. If you peeked his recent Instant Broadcast LP on Delsin youll know that he runs the whole gamut from the sample based broken beat leanings of How to Mind your Own, to the frenetic techno sound of Pressure Bumps via the melodic Aphex style vibes of She Is. And thats just the A side. All in all, a rewarding listen, a dense layered EP – a collage of a whole spectrum of influences that fits nicely into the All City no style canon.


  1. How To Mind Your Own Listen Now
  2. Pressure Bumps Listen Now
  3. She Is Listen Now
  4. Dynamic Image Listen Now
  5. No Money No Honey Listen Now
  6. Antiloudness War Manifesto (Tape 2) Listen Now

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Druguse – Hood Rich Life (ACDRUGS12x1)

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Los Angeles meets Chicago on this infectious, energetic 12. 6 tracks from a mysterious producer going by the name of Druguse inspired by juke and footwork sounds. A more drugged out Cali sun drenched hazier version of the Chicago sound, but theres barely time to catch your breath for that bong hit as this 12 baits along with the same frenetic pace and energy of its the Mid West inspirations. All anchored by vocal hooks, theres a strong hip hop feel to this quirky and original 12.


  1. Hood Rich Life Listen Now
  2. Elevate Listen Now
  3. ITS Listen Now
  4. Hater Hymn Listen Now
  5. Twenty Two Listen Now
  6. LA-VA-NY-TO Listen Now


The Cyclist – Flourish (ACCYCLPx1)

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Second time out on the label – this time as the Cyclist – the Derry producer who also records as Buz Ludzha returns with a 7 track LP of pure pedal power building on 2013s Bones in Motion foundations.

A more accomplished sound than his previous LP, it will certainly reward repeated listening. From the tribal sounds of Ripples Through Ice to the proto hardcore sound of Tape Grunge Rave through his signature Tape Throb sound of Daisy Spirals before rounding it out with the uplifting vibes of the title track- Flourish, its Lo-fi but not cheap, D.I.Y but not primitive, dance-y but not club-y, 4-4 but not straight.

Its unconventional unmixability makes us delighted to release this record which may fit into a lot of genres but doesnt fully belong in any.


  1. Ripples Trough Ice Listen Now
  2. Breathless Listen Now
  3. Sand Dunes Listen Now
  4. Break Through Listen Now
  5. Daisy Spirals Listen Now
  6. Flourish Listen Now
  7. Tape Grunge Rave Listen Now


Gamertag – You Dont Know Me (ACOS3x12)

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ACOS3x12_web alias series. 4 tracks of slightly off balance beats with a house feel made to bump in the house or the club. Unfortunately were not at liberty to reveal who is behind the mask but you dont need to be Einstein to figure it out. Available with full colour cover art & MP3 download on vinyl and digital.


  1. Find Your Pulse Listen Now
  2. Hundert Listen Now
  3. Maze Impact Listen Now
  4. Syskreem Listen Now


T-Woc – Lost Souls Mix (ACM002)

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In honour of Valentines day our very T-Woc put together this Funk and Soul mix for your listening pleasure.
Click below:
















Buz Ludzha – Rave With Love Promo Video

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Check out the promo video here for the excellent Buz Ludzha “Rave With Love” by CFMeister.
Just click below:

buz ludzha video


Buz Ludzha – Love Repetitive Rhythmics (ACOS2X12)

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Heading north for the first release of 2014 and the second in our alias series. Following last year’s Anstam/Anno Stamm 12, rising producer The Cyclist debuts as Buz Ludzha.
Love Repetitive Rhythmics features two tracks – Rave With Love & Basslines For Death – with distorted 80s house vibes being the order of the day and a more obvious nod to the dancefloor than his previous productions for Los Angeles label Leaving Records. This is the first of 3 12s he has planned for us for 2014 and will be available with full colour cover art & MP3 download on vinyl and digital from Feb 3.


  1. Rave With Love Listen Now
  2. Basslines for Death Listen Now


Knxwledge – Kauliflowr (ACKLP1X2)

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L.A via Philadelphia, beatmaker Knxwledge returns to AllCity with a couple of records this Autumn. This one, Kauliflowr, a mini LP of beats – a much anticipated follow up to his 2010 Klouds EP (repress coming soon by the way). Familiar to many for his frequent digital beat dumps, but in true All City style we took ages on this one, on some Slum Village style emailing ish – forth and back, forth and back back back.. til he gave us 18 tracks – brand new, no second hand, all crafted in his own unique style.

Out in September preceded by a three track Rap Jointz 10 inch.

Usual All City artwork rules apply – Full colour, shrinkwrapped and download code.


  1. Wngs Listen Now
  2. Ontome Listen Now
  3. 3koin Listen Now
  4. burninop Listen Now
  5. jstforyew Listen Now
  6. whenevrUreadi Listen Now
  7. ovrkookies Listen Now
  8. yewdidnt Listen Now
  9. lastfurst Listen Now
  10. failure Listen Now
  11. rekon Listen Now
  12. sadniss Listen Now


Various Artists – AMADA Compilation (ACC1XLP)

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Mamiko Motto & All City present ‘Amada’; 13 exclusive tracks (plus one bonus in the form of a 7 inch flexi disc) from a selection of a mix of interesting underground producers from around the globe.

Over the last few years Mamiko Motto has built a reputation for searching and unearthing some of tomorrows best new production talent via her Hepcat show on NTS Radio and through work with Dutch label Kindred Spirits, recording as part of Wednesday Nite and some jet set DJ-ing, she has been mobile enough with a large Rolodex of contacts to hassle and compile the tracks for “Amada”. The record takes flight with the dreamy ‘Take It Back’ by NY’s hotly tipped Obey City. The artist formerly known as Kasrave, now Young Mind, follows with ‘Jennifer’ and we hit the dancefloor with Bobby’s ‘Tame The Shrew’. Free-form soulstress Georgia Anne Muldrew gives us a gospel diversion with ‘Git Thee’, and All City favourite Stones Throw’s James Pants’ comes with his unique brand of psychedelic-electro-wave on ‘Ritual Magick’. Modern hip hop beats from Silkersoft and Darq E Freaker deliver testosterone thrust while Fatima Yamaha’s pogo pumping ‘AAA’ ignites a rythmical groove. The young SCNTST comes with the hypnotic and pounding ‘For Forest Play Only’, before Mweslee’s second outing on the label with ‘Una 41 (In Memoriam)’. DZ and Ruckazoid drop a lo-fi heartbreaker with ‘Shoulda Coulda’. Austrian Korg wizard Dorian Concept joins to bid a melancholic farewell on ‘Empty Everything (But you)’ and American Men’s Claude Speeed closes out the LP with ‘Crushed Rave’. A variety of beats, tempos and styles is completed with a bonus track on a 7 inch flexi disk from the mysterious GMCFOSHO.


  1. Obey City – Take It Back Listen Now
  2. Young Mind – Jennifer Listen Now
  3. Bobby – Tame the Shrew Listen Now
  4. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Git Thee Listen Now
  5. James Pants – Ritual Magick Listen Now
  6. Silkersoft – Duel Listen Now
  7. Darq E Freaker – Psychosis Listen Now
  8. Fatima Yamaha – AAA Listen Now
  9. Scntst – For Forest Use Only Listen Now
  10. Mweslee – Una 41 Listen Now
  11. DZ – Shoulda Coulda Listen Now
  12. Dorian Concept – Empty Everything Listen Now
  13. Claude Speeed – Crushed Everything Listen Now
  14. GMCFOSHO – Comupout (Bonus Flexi 7 inch) Listen Now

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