Buz Ludzha – Love Repetitive Rhythmics (ACOS2X12)

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Heading north for the first release of 2014 and the second in our alias series. Following last year’s Anstam/Anno Stamm 12, rising producer The Cyclist debuts as Buz Ludzha.
Love Repetitive Rhythmics features two tracks – Rave With Love & Basslines For Death – with distorted 80s house vibes being the order of the day and a more obvious nod to the dancefloor than his previous productions for Los Angeles label Leaving Records. This is the first of 3 12s he has planned for us for 2014 and will be available with full colour cover art & MP3 download on vinyl and digital from Feb 3.


  1. Rave With Love Listen Now
  2. Basslines for Death Listen Now