Dirk Thornton (Buck 65, Flip & Freeze) – Dirk Thornton II (AC703)

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Dirk Thornton is the moniker for MC Buck 65 and DJ/Producers DJ Flip and Freezemaster Slick aka the O Liffey Cousins. Richard Terfry, the boy Buck 65, is a Canadian Hip Hop artist, MC and Turntablist, born and raised in Nova Scotia. Familiar to many in and outside of hip hop circles he has been making music for over a decade and was part of the label which polarized hip hop opinions – Anticon. Flip and Freeze are an Irish production duo whose rep has grown steadily over the past couple of years. Following 12s with Foreign Legions Marc Stretch & Pro zack Turner, Freestyle, Craig G, the Buckle Bros and Grip Grand the pair hooked up with Buck on one of his many trips to Ireland and after protracted delays before they managed to lock him in the studio the collaboration came into being for this double A sided 45 “Yesterdays News” and “Run” the second 45 from their forthcoming LP.

After much talk of “doing something” together the trio finally organized a late night meeting in Dublin’s backstreets for, as musicians so glamorously call it, an “all nighter”. Recorded in the same studio Flip had kidnapped Craig G, Punch & Words to a few months previously Buck, Flip, and Freeze got to work on piecing the birth of Dirk Thornton over the course of an evening all while scoffing down a bag load of junk food from white chocolate and raspberry cookies to whatever else FreezeMaster Slick bought! The product of that evening – a full length EP will come later in 2007 – but this is the second taster limited edition 45 pressed for Bucks Autumn 2007 Irish tour and the fifth release from the O Liffey Cousins on All City.


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