Martyn / Mike Slott – Collabs # 1 (ACC12x12x1)

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Going backwards to go forwards we kick off 2011 with an idea first mooted in 2009. This is the first in a series of collaborative 12s, which will span a variety of tempos, frequencies and genres. Martyn and Mike Slott team up for the first one – A two track 12 – All Night backed with Pointing Fingers. No need to over elaborate this one, Martyn (3024) one of the most innovative producers, always fresh and scorning genre convention meets long time All City comrade Mike Slott (LuckyMe) via a series of emails, yousendits and skypers! It took a while – 18 months to be exact, but the end results, even if they follow an old school aesthetic of club joint on one side and reflective track on the flip, are pretty unique! For this series Artwork comes from the legendary creative brain of Steve Serrato (Mochilla/Poobah).


  1. All Nights Listen Now
  2. Pointing Fingers Listen Now